TC Animation Library

I just released the source code of a Windows Forms animation library I wrote last weekend. I first didn’t want to release the source code because the animations looked terrible.

I knew the code I wrote was good and should work, but it ran horribly. The UI would just freeze when 1 animation ran; running multiple animations simultaneously was impossible. This morning I woke up and had a mad idea: to slow down the animation. The reason the UI would freeze was because all the animation steps were performed on the UI-thread and apparently the animation system flooded the UI-thread with work to do, so the normal UI-activities (painting controls, handling input, …) were severely delayed. By adding 1 line of code (Thread.Sleep(5);) to the animation loop, I managed to make the animations run fluently while keeping the UI responsive.

You can find the source code in the Channel 9 Sandbox, here.