Angels & Demons

Normally, I’m not a big reader of books. But when I found out that they are making a movie of the best seller “The Da Vinci Code”, I just had to read the book. When I finished reading it, I just had a taste for more. So I searched on eBay for “Het Bernini Mysterie”, the Dutch version of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”.

This book is less known than its successor “The Da Vinci Code”, but I liked it even more. Both books are written in the same style, they have the same main character Robert Langdon, and both stories are about the church. But I find “Angels & Demons” more exciting. It's not about the search for some object, it’s about a time bomb, hidden somewhere in the Vatican, just when all the cardinals are brought together to choose a new pope. If you’ve enjoyed “The Da Vinci Code”, you’ll surely enjoy its predecessor “Angels & Demons”.